These Foods Will Help Keep Your Teeth Clean

While regular brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, parents who want their children to have the whitest smiles around have a few more options to keep the dental health going strong. As it turns out, your local grocery store has some common foods that actually help keep teeth clean, rather than just getting stuck on those pearly whites.

Certainly, the first food to come to mind is the much loved apple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and as luck would have it, we’re doctors of dentistry! A nice ripe apple helps scrape away plaque and food particles on your teeth, and as an added bonus, they help exercise the gums. Just make sure to get the sugary juice brushed off at your earliest convenience.

If you’re not in the mood for a sweet apple, then maybe a carrot is more your style. It’s just as healthy, and chock-full of Vitamin A for eyesight and healthy childhood growth. Carrots are fiber-rich foods like apples, and besides the digestive help they provide, they also scrape away leftovers between the teeth and gums.

For a change of pace, you could switch from eating to drinking tea for your teeth. Green and black teas have a fresh bitterness to them, and part of that is due to the bacteria-suppressing catechins contained within. They help the teas with fighting off bacteria, and it has the added bonus effect of rinsing out your mouth, further cleaning your child’s teeth and gums. Just watch the sugar content, because rinsing your mouth with sugary liquid is taking one step forward and two steps back.

Chewing gum is not exactly food, and not exactly healthy either, but sugarless gum (sugar’s still the enemy, after all) does have some benefits for your child’s teeth. As your body chews any food at all, it produces saliva, which works so that the food can go down your throat without scraping or feeling bad. It’s a natural reaction, and works even if you don’t intend on eating the food. So, when you have chewing gum that has no sugar and is causing your child’s mouth to salivate, you have a mouth that’s basically doing a rinse cycle for their teeth! Bonus points if it contains the sweetener xylitol, because that helps inhibit the growth of the bacteria responsible for cavities.

Coming back to actual food, another good snack food is a handful of almonds. As your child crunches down on these delicious finger foods, they break down into little abrasive clumps that scrape up against the surface of their teeth and gums and take everything with them down into their hungry bellies. The idea is kind of like how toothpaste works, but on a larger less-microscopic scale. That doesn’t mean that they can eat a clump of almonds and not have to brush their teeth, of course! The high calcium content in almonds that are hard to find in the other nuts are another dental bonus.

Avoid These Kids Drinks if You Want Your Kids to Have Strong Teeth

Children’s dental health is a big commitment of ours, and one of the biggest ways to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy is to check what they’re putting in their mouths. Over the course of a day a child will eat all kinds of things, but just as important are the things that they drink. We’ll look at some of the drinks that you will want to avoid if you want your children to grow up with strong, healthy teeth.

First on the list is the big obvious one: soda. Carbonated drinks are a two-fer when it comes to tooth health. Not only does the incredibly sugary liquid stick to your teeth, feed sugar-hungry bacteria and tastes so good that you want to drink more (and punish your enamel while you’re at it), but it is also acidic, which wears down the enamel even faster. Diet soda does little to help this problem, and it’s not terribly likely your children are chomping at the bit for diet cola either. Energy drinks are in the same boat here, so while it should go without saying, don’t let your children drink those freely either.  In either case, make sure they wash the remnants away with some water when they’re done with the soda drinking, to minimize the damage.

The next drinks we’ll be looking at the various fruit juices.There’s no denying the nutritional value of the Vitamin C carried in real fruit juice, but what you also can’t deny is the high sugar content of juice. 8 ounces of cola and 8 ounces of apple juice have nearly the same sugar content as each other, and they’re just as bad when it comes to acidity. Vitamin C is also known by the name ascorbic acid, so you cannot let your guard down when it comes to keeping your teeth safe from acids. Very important for parents of young children using bottles and sippy cups, if you let your child fall asleep with juice in their containers, there is a chance they can develop baby bottle tooth decay. Try to avoid this as much as you can, and make sure they have water in there instead.

It’s become more common knowledge, but for a long time, parents did not know that sports drinks like Powerade and Gatorade were not healthy for normal child consumption. These drinks are designed with athletes in mind, and contain large amounts of sugar and electrolytes to keep their consumer’s activity level going high. While it does have its uses for helping sick children, normally children simply don’t need that much in sugar and nutrient replacement. And all that extra sugar is going to wreak havoc on their teeth and feed all of the hungry cavity-making bacteria on their teeth. If they’re feeling bad, your children are less likely to brush well, too.

Even carbonated waters like Perrier or La Croix have their problems. Fizzy waters get their carbonation from carbonic acid, just like sodas. So while it might be sugar free, it can still harm your child’s teeth if they drink this too often.

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This is THE ONLY place I will take my kids Davood is the best dentist I have ever seen in all my years. The staff is very helpful and kind.

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