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Cosmetic dentistry means anything from fitting your child with braces to replacing a tooth that’s been knocked out. You want your child to have the best possible smile, so we offer a full range of cosmetic options designed to provide just that, with minimal stress and anxiety to your child. In the case of braces, we will guide you through exactly which type will work best to straighten crooked teeth and get your child ready for his or her close-up.

We know that no child looks forward to having braces. They don’t want to go to school and smile at their friends with a mouthful of metal. Thankfully, those days are long gone. From traditional metal-bracket braces, the kind that you think of when you hear the word “braces,” to the latest in cosmetic dental technology, we offer many types of braces to match your child’s preferences and your budget. Not sure what style of braces would best fit your and your child’s needs? No problem. Our highly trained staff can walk you every step of the way through the various options.

If you and your child, in consultation with our staff, decide that partials are your best option, know that we’ll make your child’s smile look as natural as possible. It can be intimidating for a child to think of their teeth as being next to or covered with artificial ones. Partials can feel bulky and uncomfortable. Our staff custom-designs your child’s partials to fit their mouth perfectly and look great. We’ll show your child how to properly care for their partials so they stay white and bright. We also have a wide range of choices to suit your budget needs, from clasps to precision attachments.

Kids can get crazy sometimes. Whether your child bumped into a teammate playing basketball or hit a bar on a jungle gym, they may have knocked out a tooth or two. Whatever the case, your child never has to feel embarrassed. Tooth replacement is a normal procedure for lost of people, young and old. Depending on your child’s situation, replacement may be as easy as one visit or it may require a few visits. The great news is that once the doctor has fit the post replacing the missing tooth’s root and secured the custom-designed crown, your child won’t have to worry about their new tooth for years or even decades. Plus, replacements are the most natural-looking of any option.

While replacing a tooth may seem like a lot, you can rest reassured that we have multiple payment plans available for any budget. We’ll also handle all communication with your insurance provider as needed. We know that nothing should stop your child from feeling like they can smile again.

When your child steps out of our office, we want them to feel proud and confident in their dental work. Whether they received braces, partials, or tooth replacements, it’s important to us that when they look in the mirror, they’ll see nothing but their own, beautiful smile.

Your child’s future fantastic smile is only a call away!

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This is the only place I will take my Kids Davood is the best dentist I have ever seen in all my years. The staff is very helpful and kind. Nuestra oficina ofrece servicios Dentales, Vision, y Orthodoncia para ninos y jovenes adultos.Aceptamos Medicaid, CHP+ y todo tipo de ...


This is THE ONLY place I will take my kids Davood is the best dentist I have ever seen in all my years. The staff is very helpful and kind.

- Joseph Martinez



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