Sometimes even baby teeth can end up being struck with extensive decay. When this happens, the tooth can often be saved by having a crown installed. These crowns can be used to protect your or your child’s teeth when the enamel becomes cracked or chipped, the patient has already gone through a root canal, the tooth shows signs of decay, or teeth are noticeably discolored. Crowns can be tooth-colored, which are ideal for teeth in the front of the mouth that will be seen when smiling. For molars that do a lot of chewing and grinding, a stainless steel crown may work better.

Crowns are shaped like natural teeth, and, depending on where in the mouth a crown is required, you can choose a tooth-colored or stainless steel option so that the crowns can more closely match the color of your surrounding teeth if the crown will be visible when you smile. Because of this, it’s almost impossible for others to tell crowns installed at Kids Choice Dental from natural teeth. For kids, because the enamel is thinner on baby teeth than that of permanent teeth, once decay sets in, it can spread quickly from tooth to tooth. Crowns can be used not only to save the decayed tooth, but also to help prevent the spread of decay and infection to other parts of the mouth.

Since teeth that have become damaged or have decayed can change in size and shape, their function can be negatively affected in several different ways. One very simple solution is often to have dental crowns placed over the top of teeth to enhance their appearance, help them function better, and stop the future spread of any already-present decay or infection. Dental crowns provide these and a number of other benefits for the patients.

Whenever teeth become severely cracked or chipped, crowns are usually employed in order to stop future damage. As parents know, damaged teeth can occur very frequently. Younger kids run around carelessly. Older kids can play rough. Crowns may be placed for cosmetic purposes such as changing the shape of a chipped tooth or whitening teeth that are very discolored due to staining. Some dental implants may require crowns. Crowns are typically placed only on adult teeth because they are permanent solutions, but can be necessary for kids who’ve already lost their baby teeth.

Kids who have severely cracked teeth might experience sensitivity or extreme pain while chewing, but dental crowns often stop both types of discomfort. Crowns can stop the future loss of teeth by protecting them from more damage. Dental crowns are usually comfortable to wear, as people who have them hardly ever even notice they’re there. Crowns also last for several years, and are very easy to care for.

While most kids consider crowns only for adults, play can be rough and accidents can happen. If you and your child feel a crown is the best option, we’ll take extra care to make sure the procedure is as comfortable as possible, the crown’s color matches the surrounding teeth well, and that your child won’t need any more extensive procedures for a very long time.

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This is the only place I will take my Kids Davood is the best dentist I have ever seen in all my years. The staff is very helpful and kind. Nuestra oficina ofrece servicios Dentales, Vision, y Orthodoncia para ninos y jovenes adultos.Aceptamos Medicaid, CHP+ y todo tipo de ...


This is THE ONLY place I will take my kids Davood is the best dentist I have ever seen in all my years. The staff is very helpful and kind.

- Joseph Martinez



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