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Tips and Tricks for Dental Hygiene

4 Signs of Teething

Teething can be a trying time for parents, as well as their baby. When your baby’s teeth erupt, it can be painful for some. However, as a parent, you may not know your baby is teething. Kids Choice Dental is a pediatric dentist located in Denver. Below, we’ll go over four signs of teething to be on the lookout for. Schedule your child’s dentist appointment with us today!


While babies can drool, excess drooling is usually a sign of teething. While some babies can begin teething before four months of age, others are much later, even after 12 months of age.





Irritable or Excess Crying

Since babies can’t tell you what is wrong, they cry instead. As a parent, it can be hard to decipher what your baby needs. If you’ve noticed an increase in crying or irritability, it could be teething. Soothing your baby will help.





Swollen or Red Gums

Swollen or excessively red gums are caused by the teeth that are trying to push through the gums. This can make eating and/or drinking their milk uncomfortable or even painful at times. There are many teething toys that are cool that can help your baby feel better.




Rubbing Their Cheeks or Pulling Their Ears

When your child’s teeth are erupting, the pain can move to the cheek and ear, especially when the back teeth, or molars, are erupting. This can lead infants to rub those areas in an effort to soothe them.






Kids Choice Dental offers four convenient locations in the Denver area for your child, including Lakewood, Aurora, Downtown Denver, and Wheat Ridge. Our top-rated dentists offer compassionate care for your baby. It is recommended that your baby begin seeing a dentist periodically for checkups once your baby’s teeth have started to come in. Schedule an appointment today!

Reasons Dentists May Have to Pull Your Child’s Baby Tooth

No one likes having a tooth pulled, especially children. In fact, it can be quite scary for children. However, there are times when your child may need to have a baby tooth extracted. Kids Choice Dental offers the best pediatric dental service in Denver. Learn some of the reasons dentists may have to pull a baby tooth, and schedule your dental appointment today!

The Tooth is Infected

Sometimes teeth become infected for various reasons, such as impaction or they are broken in an accident. This can lead to a tooth infection or an abscess in the gum. The tooth usually has to be removed in order to stop the infection from spreading.






There are supposed to be healthy spaces in between your child’s teeth so that the adult teeth, which are bigger, can come in and fill those spaces. However, overcrowding can make it difficult for adult teeth to come in, which can cause problems. Thus, a baby tooth may be removed early to make some extra space for an adult tooth to grow.




A Large Amount of Decay

Since baby teeth are smaller, once a cavity starts, if it’s not stopped soon, it doesn’t take all that long for the cavity to spread to the root. If a baby tooth has a large amount of decay, your dentist may need to remove it so an infection does not start and spread.





To Assist in Orthodontic Treatments

Every child is different, and so are their teeth. This means that sometimes if a child needs orthodontic treatments, they may have to extract a tooth in order to facilitate the treatments and improve the chances for a great outcome.






Kids Choice Dental is a top-rated pediatric dental office in Denver. We offer exceptional pediatric dental care that you can count on. Our local dentists have years of experience in helping your child have the best oral health possible. We accept most dental insurances. Contact us to get started today!

The Importance of Dental Checkups for Kids

Taking care of your teeth is important. After all, you only have one set of adult teeth. Once they are gone, they’re gone. Kids Choice Dental is a pediatric dentist with four locations across Denver, including Lakewood, Aurora, Wheat Ridge, and Downtown Denver. Below, we’ll take a look at the importance of regular dental checkups for kids. Schedule your child’s dentist appointment today!

Monitor Their Teeth Growth

Your child’s mouth is constantly growing, and it’s important to monitor this growth from a dental perspective in order to ensure their teeth and jaw are growing properly without any abnormalities. If abnormalities are found, early intervention offers the best chances for correction.




Instill the Importance Of Good Oral Health

Let’s face it, if you think something is important, then most likely your child will. Thus, if you place an emphasis on good oral care and take your child to regular dental cleanings, they will learn this is the proper thing to do.





Early Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic treatments can now occur at the age of 7, and the younger a child has corrective care when needed, the greater chance for success. Plus, it’s often a much shorter timeframe, which is great for younger children.





Professional Dental Cleanings

It’s important to have regular professional dental cleanings at every age so that your dentist can remove plaque buildup and ensure your child’s teeth are healthy. The early stages of cavities are often caught at these regular dental visits, too.






Our experienced team offers the best in pediatric dentistry. We offer a wide range of dental services, including dental checkups, orthodontics, emergency care, endodontic care, oral surgery, and much more. If you are looking for a local dentist, call for more information or schedule your dental appointment today!

Signs Your Child May Need an Emergency Dentist

No parent likes to see their child in pain, and when they are complaining about a constant toothache, you want to do something about it. At Kids Choice Dental, we offer four locations in the Denver Metro area that can help you with emergency dental care for children. Below, we’ll offer up some signs that your child may need an emergency dentist. Contact our local dentists today!

Swollen Jaw

Swelling is often a sign of infection, so if your child’s jaw is swollen and there is no explanation for it, it may be time to call your emergency dentist. This could be a sign of an infection, a broken jaw or other bone, or more.





Knock Out an Adult Tooth

Many kids lose their baby teeth by accidentally knocking them out while playing. However, if your child accidentally knocks out an adult tooth, you’ll need to call an emergency dentist right away. You’ll want to keep the tooth and rinse out your child’s mouth. Oftentimes, the tooth can be saved with proper and prompt dental care.




Constant Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be a bad sign, indeed, and there are many underlying causes that are best left to your dentist to evaluate. These include a jaw disease, grinding of teeth, jaw clenching, or other sign of an abnormal condition that should be checked out right away.




Cracked or Chipped Tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth may seem minor, but it is treated as a dental emergency because the crack can worsen quite quickly and affect the tooth’s root, which then threatens the health of the tooth. Be wary of cracks that run vertically or diagonally, and call to have it checked out right away.





Emergencies happen to all of us; responding promptly makes all the difference when it comes to dental emergencies. Kids Choice Dental in Denver offers emergency dental care, as well as other pediatric dental services, from regular check ups to orthodontics. Contact us today!

A young girl holding a model of braces

Signs Your Child May Need Braces

Teeth are miraculous parts of the body, and they do their job of beginning the digestive process exceedingly well. However, for many, their teeth just don’t come in correctly. Kids Choice Dental offers the best in pediatric dentistry in the Denver area, including orthodontic care. Below, we’ll go over some signs that your child may need braces. Get in touch with our team today!

A crowded mouth of a child

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are teeth that are overlapping in some way or are just too close together that flossing is difficult. Teeth that are too close together don’t give your child space for their larger adult teeth to come in. Issues with improper jaw and teeth alignment can occur.




A young boy smiling

Misalignment of the Jaw

It’s crucial that your child has proper jaw alignment as their teeth come in. Improper jaw alignment can cause issues down the road such as difficulty chewing, tongue biting, and the development of a Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder down the road.




A young child in speech therapy

Speech Problems

Your teeth play a vital role in your speech, allowing you to correctly form and enunciate words so that you can easily be understood. They help control the airflow out of your mouth, making sounds distinct. If your child has speech problems, it could be related to improperly aligned teeth.




A young child looking out a window

Breathing From the Mouth

Humans naturally breathe predominantly from the nose with the mouth being the backup organ, such as when you have a cold. Thus, if your child is predominantly breathing from the mouth, it may be because of improper jaw alignment, protruding teeth, or other dental issues.




Signs your child may need braces infographic


Having aligned teeth is something that modern society values, so many children have braces to correct teeth aesthetics or conditions. Treatment can begin early, such as when your child is seven, which is when their permanent teeth begin to erupt. Schedule your pediatric orthodontic appointment at one of our Denver locations today!

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