Oral Surgery

While rare when it comes to dental care for children, oral surgery is sometimes a necessary means of treatment for more serious issues. Tooth extractions, frenectomy, exposure of non-erupted teeth, or treatment for a cracked or knocked out tooth are all examples of common surgeries. When you bring your child in for a procedure, we focus on more than just the surgery needs, and take into account their emotional welfare. Our staff goes out of its way to help your child feel safe and secure. We explain treatment in easy-to-understand language, encourage questions, and offer ample reassurance. We use the safest sedation methods and will walk you through the options available to you depending on the type of surgery necessary.
Frenectomy (a procedure to correct tongue-tie), tooth extractions, non-erupted teeth exposure, or treatment of cracked or knocked-out teeth, are all common procedures that we perform on a daily basis. We’ll treat your child’s individual needs in the safest, most appropriate manner.

What to Expect

You’ll notice that in our office, we usually allow parents to stay with their kids during their procedures. We know it can be very stressful for both a child and parent when surgery is recommended. We seek to make things as comfortable and reassuring as possible for your family.

Many of the kids who come to our practice have special needs. Our doctors are experienced and prepared to treat children with all manner of physical, mental, or emotional needs. The guiding principle at Kids Choice Dental is to always keep your child comfortable and reinforce the idea that going to the dentist is a positive experience.
When undergoing oral surgery, some children benefit from a level of sedation to help keep a handle on their anxiety. Every child’s case is unique. Sometimes, procedures can be taken care of with local anesthesia and TLC. Some kids need nitrous oxide -the stuff that is often called “laughing gas”-, while others might need the help of an oral sedation or other kinds of sedation to help them calm down while undergoing oral surgery.
The prospect of having their child asleep for oral surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience for a lot of parents. Rest assured that modern techniques allow for a very safe sedation when in our care. We’re proud to offer multiple anesthesia options including nitrous oxide. It never puts you “out”. Instead, it ends up making you feel comfortable and will directly address anxieties. Nitrous oxide can also be used in conjunction with other options.
IV sedation is completely safe and effective when done in a modern state-of-the-art facility such as ours but is incredibly rare. In these instances, a certified and experienced anesthesiologist handles the procedure, ensuring the safest sedation possible.
Due to the impermanence of “baby” teeth, the chance of your child having to go through oral surgery is particularly low. Even with that being said, you should know that our dentists and support staff are very experienced in all the procedures we offer and use only the latest anesthesia delivery procedures.
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