Teeth Cleaning

Assessing the health and well-being of your child’s smile is critical, even if they don’t have obvious issues. Parents are often amazed to find that their kids should begin seeing the dentist as soon as their teeth start coming in, but being proactive about your child’s oral health also means regular comprehensive dental exams. One of our committed dentists will perform a thorough examination to your little one, communicate with you at certain points in the process, and do everything to make certain your child has a positive experience in the dentist chair. Occasionally, x-rays may be recommended to get a more complete picture of your child’s oral health. Our dentists recognize that quick and efficient work is paramount while dealing with a child’s brief attention span.
We believe that all children ought to understand at least basic dental education. Many parents are shocked to see just how little that most kids know about how to appropriately tend to their own teeth. Be that as it may, where there might be things your kid doesn’t think about dental self-care, we’re glad to fill them in, and during a comprehensive exam is the ideal time to talk about proper dental hygiene with them.

Next Steps

Visual check-up is a basic, but critical step in a dental examination. The team at Kids Choice Dental knows how to spot the early indications of many issues including the likes of cavities, abscesses, and rotting teeth. Some of these conditions, if discovered early enough, can be tended to with fairly straight-forward, practical procedures. With home self-care and regular checkups every six months, we can help you and your children steer away from the need for more intense procedures for years to come.
Occasionally, there is a chance that an x-ray needs to be performed to follow up on certain issues that may have been discovered during the visual check-up. These x-rays, sometimes referred to as dental radiographs, are an important diagnostic tool that helps prevent future dental issues as well as provide a large amount of information that isn’t visible with the naked eye.
Dental practitioners and dental hygienists utilize radiographs to securely and precisely find hidden irregularities and to help create an effective treatment plan. Without x-rays, problem areas may go undetected. We realize that guardians can have worries about the radiation present in x-ray exams; however you should know that exposure from a standard x-ray exam is less than the amount of radiation anyone will experience during his or her day. It’s also close to the amount of exposure as that from a short plane flight. Furthermore, proper shielding lowers any potential risk. Combining digital x-rays and shielding aprons, we have taken steps to minimize any potential risk to our patients
On the chance that we find the need for care, many potential issues can be resolved with a straightforward cleaning, conducting fluoride treatment, and polishing. Sealants or space maintainers can also be deemed necessary. In the event that more extensive measures like braces seem like the right path to take, we will help you and your family through every step of the way.

Healthy Smiles Matter

Our ultimate goal with our patients is a healthy, natural-looking smile that lasts forever. Even after we’ve treated your child, the way your kids take care of their teeth at home plays a vital role in ensuring healthy teeth through their whole life. Make sure your child eats balanced meals, reduces the number of snacks they indulge in, and correctly use the various dental aids that help control the plaque and bacteria that lead to dental disease.
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