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Tips to Avoid a Cracked Tooth in Kids

Cracked teeth can be painful and, truthfully, no fun for a child to deal with. Here at Kids Choice Dental in Denver, our emergency dentists often see kids who have cracked a tooth and then need a tooth repair. Below, we'll offer some tips on how to avoid a cracked tooth in kids. Contact us today!

Avoid Hard Candy

Chewing on hard candy is one of the quickest ways for kids to get a cracked tooth. In addition, hard candy is also notorious for removing dental sealants. It's best to have your children avoid hard candy altogether as much as possible.

wrapped hard candy
child inserting mouth guard

Wear A Mouthguard During Sports Activities

Many kids not only get cracked teeth playing sports, but they also get their teeth knocked out. It's best to have your child wear a mouthguard during sporting activities, especially if it's a contact sport, in order to reduce the chance of having a cracked tooth.

Don't Use Your Teeth to Open Items

Many kids (and adults) have cracked teeth using them to open items, take off tags, open bags, and the like. While strong, your teeth were not meant to be used as a substitute for scissors and knives. Be sure to teach your kids not to use their teeth for anything but chewing as they were designed to do.

mouth pain
child sleeping

Get Help for Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can also cause cracked teeth. Many people don't know that they grind their teeth because it happens at night. However, your dentist can often tell just by examining your teeth. If you suspect your child grinds their teeth at night, check with your local dentist who then can recommend a nightguard.


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