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Tips and Tricks for Dental Hygiene

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Children’s Teeth

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Children’s Teeth

When it comes to taking care of your children’s teeth, you want to be sure that you are doing everything possible to keep them healthy and decay-free. Kids Choice Dental of Colorado is here to help with our dentistry for children! We have some tips for you today that will make it easy for you to keep your kids’ teeth clean and healthy. Follow these four tips and your children’s teeth will stay in good shape!

Brush Their Teeth Twice a Day With Fluoride Toothpaste

The first step to keeping your children’s teeth healthy is to brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps to prevent cavities and keep teeth strong. Be sure that you are using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush and that they are brushing for two minutes each time.

boy in a teddy bear bathrobe brushing teeth
little girl flossing

Floss Once a Day or More

Flossing is another important step in taking care of your children’s teeth. Flossing removes plaque and bacteria from between the teeth and under the gum line. Kids should floss once a day, or more if necessary. If your child is having trouble flossing, try using floss picks or dental floss holders.

Limit Sugar and Sticky Foods

Sugar and sticky foods can cause cavities. To help prevent cavities, limit the amount of sugar and sticky foods that your child eats. Offer them water or milk instead of sugary drinks and clean, healthy snacks, such as vegetables, instead of sticky, sugary foods.

little girl eating tons of sugar
child at dentist smiling

Take Them in for Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Finally, be sure to take your child in for regular dental checkups and cleanings. Kids Choice Dental of Colorado offers dentistry for children, so we can help keep your kid’s teeth healthy! We recommend that children have a dental checkup and cleaning every six months.

By following these four tips, you can help keep your children’s teeth healthy and decay-free. Kids Choice Dental of Colorado offers teeth cleaning for kids, so be sure to schedule an appointment today!

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The Dentist and Your Special Needs Child

The Dentist and Your Special Needs Child

You may be hesitant to take your special needs child to the dentist. From the waiting room to sitting still and handling tools being put into their mouths, you may be worried that the dentist office can be a distressing time for kids with special needs. Kids Choice Dental in Denver offers the best preventative dental care for your special needs child. Below, we’ll offer some tips to help you with your special needs child at the dentist office. Schedule your dental appointment today!

Look for an Understanding Dentist

You want a dentist who supports children with special needs and understands that each child is unique and may act differently every time they visit the dentist. Finding a caring and compassionate dentist who will work with your child to ensure their best oral health is paramount to your child’s dental care.

child at dentist
dentist office with chair

Visit the Dental Office Before Your Child’s Appointment

It can be super helpful to have your child visit the dentist office before their actual appointment. This will give your special needs child a chance to meet the dentist and staff, see the dental treatment rooms, and see the dental equipment, too. It can be super beneficial to have your child attend your dental appointment.

Emphasize the Importance of Great Oral Health Care

By emphasizing the importance of great oral health care and how the dentist fits into that goal, you can help your special needs child understand the need for a dental appointment. Model great oral health at home by brushing your teeth and flossing, and having your child do so, too.

dental hygienist and young child
dentist showing model of mouth to child

Support, Encourage, and Reward Your Child

Admittedly, the dental office can be a scary experience, even for adults. It’s important to support, encourage, and reward your child during and after their dental treatment. Speak positively about the dentist and the help they will bring to your child’s life.


Kids Choice Dental is passionate about helping Denver-area children have the best oral health, including special needs children. Our team will work with you in order to make your child’s dental experience the best possible. Get in touch today!

What Dental Procedures Are Necessary for Your Child?

What Dental Procedures Are Necessary for Your Child?

Nowadays, there are many different dental procedures that you can invest in, some are necessary to have great oral health and some, such as orthodontics, can be purely for cosmetic reasons. Kids Choice Dental offers the best in dental procedures for children. Below, we’ll go over the dental procedures we feel are necessary for your child, and contact one of our Denver area dental offices today.

Dental Cleanings

It should go without saying, but dental cleanings are the number one thing you should do in order to ensure your child has the best possible oral health. Not only do dental cleanings keep your child’s teeth clean and free from plaque, but they also give your local dentist a chance to check in on the development of your child’s teeth and jaw as they grow.

child smiling at camera before dental cleaning
dentist inspecting child's teeth

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin layers that act as a protective barrier on your child’s molars and premolars that can ward off cavities. Kids from the age of six and up can receive dental sealants, and we believe it’s one of the best dental procedures to prevent cavities in kids.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that helps to strengthen and fortify teeth enamel, which then helps to prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments are safe for kids and easy to apply. A thin layer of fluoride is applied to your child’s teeth usually after their regular teeth cleaning.

dentist talking to child
child getting x-rayed

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are super important for kids, as they show the development of the jaw as well as the position of adult teeth. Dentists can use this information to recommend any preventative dental procedures in order to ensure the best development of the jaw and teeth.


Kids Choice Dental is a local dental office with locations in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge. Our dentists have years of experience in helping kids achieve the best oral health possible. To get started, call our friendly team today!

Tips to Avoid a Cracked Tooth in Kids

Tips to Avoid a Cracked Tooth in Kids

Cracked teeth can be painful and, truthfully, no fun for a child to deal with. Here at Kids Choice Dental in Denver, our emergency dentists often see kids who have cracked a tooth and then need a tooth repair. Below, we’ll offer some tips on how to avoid a cracked tooth in kids. Contact us today!

Avoid Hard Candy

Chewing on hard candy is one of the quickest ways for kids to get a cracked tooth. In addition, hard candy is also notorious for removing dental sealants. It’s best to have your children avoid hard candy altogether as much as possible.

wrapped hard candy
child inserting mouth guard

Wear A Mouthguard During Sports Activities

Many kids not only get cracked teeth playing sports, but they also get their teeth knocked out. It’s best to have your child wear a mouthguard during sporting activities, especially if it’s a contact sport, in order to reduce the chance of having a cracked tooth.

Don’t Use Your Teeth to Open Items

Many kids (and adults) have cracked teeth using them to open items, take off tags, open bags, and the like. While strong, your teeth were not meant to be used as a substitute for scissors and knives. Be sure to teach your kids not to use their teeth for anything but chewing as they were designed to do.

mouth pain
child sleeping

Get Help for Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can also cause cracked teeth. Many people don’t know that they grind their teeth because it happens at night. However, your dentist can often tell just by examining your teeth. If you suspect your child grinds their teeth at night, check with your local dentist who then can recommend a nightguard.


Our Denver-based dental office offers the best in pediatric dental care. From preventative dental exams and cleanings to orthodontics and endodontics, we can ensure your child has the best oral health possible. Schedule your dental appointment today!

Why Your Child Needs Fluoride Treatments

Why Your Child Needs Fluoride Treatments

Odds are, if you’ve taken your child to the dentist, they probably ask permission to do a fluoride treatment for your child. But what exactly is this dental treatment? And is it necessary? Kids Choice Dental  is a local dentist in Denver with locations in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons your child needs fluoride treatments. Get in touch today.

What is a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in rocks and groundwater. This mineral helps to fortify enamel, making it stronger and better able to resist bacteria that can cause cavities. A fluoride treatment is when your local dentist applies fluoride to your teeth in order to help strengthen teeth.

fluoride treatment on child's teeth
child at dental checkup

When Are Fluoride Treatments for Kids Necessary?

Fluoride treatments are usually recommended at every dental checkup, which is normally every six months. This can help prevent tooth decay and even help reverse tooth decay that may have already formed.

Are Fluoride Treatments Safe?

Fluoride treatments are perfectly safe for children of all ages. The amount that your dentist uses is small, and the fluoride treatment hardens before your child can swallow any. It is then brushed off the next time your child brushes their teeth, leaving no lingering fluoride in the mouth.

child with fluoride treatment holding timer
child brushing teeth in bathroom

Are There Any Special Steps to Take After a Fluoride Treatment?

You should allow the fluoride treatment to stay on your child’s teeth between four and six hours. They may eat and drink after a fluoride treatment, but avoid exceptionally hot food and drinks. Then, brush the teeth as normal.


Kids Choice Dental aims to be your go-to pediatric dentist in Denver. Our experienced and highly-trained dentists are passionate about helping kids have the best possible oral health. Schedule your dental appointment today!

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