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Tips and Tricks for Dental Hygiene

Kids Choice Dental – Cosmetic Fillings

Children are often not the best caretakers of their teeth. Ravenous sweet tooth’s and sticky fingers often lead to fueling decay causing bacteria to flourish, which is hardly as bad as it sounds until it is paired with often dubious brushing and flossing habits, assuming they even have a flossing habit.  Even if they are very diligent about their dental hygiene accidents can happen that cause a tooth to crack or chip.

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Kids Choice Dental

Kids Choice Dental’s first office was opened in 2005.  After looking at the entire city and trying to decide where we wanted to serve the community we opened our doors at 15159 East Colfax  in Aurora, Colorado.  This was long before Children’s hospital or any of the Anchutz  complex was built.  It was our goal to serve the underserved community in the Metro area.  Many families did not have transportation and many came by bus, taxi and were walking so we knew we had selected the right location.

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Avoid These Kids Drinks if You Want Your Kids to Have Strong Teeth

Children’s dental health is a big commitment of ours, and one of the biggest ways to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy is to check what they’re putting in their mouths. Over the course of a day a child will eat all kinds of things, but just as important are the things that they drink. We’ll look at some of the drinks that you will want to avoid if you want your children to grow up with strong, healthy teeth.

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These Foods Will Help Keep Your Teeth Clean

While regular brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, parents who want their children to have the whitest smiles around have a few more options to keep the dental health going strong. As it turns out, your local grocery store has some common foods that actually help keep teeth clean, rather than just getting stuck on those pearly whites.

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