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The Dentist and Your Special Needs Child

You may be hesitant to take your special needs child to the dentist. From the waiting room to sitting still and handling tools being put into their mouths, you may be worried that the dentist office can be a distressing time for kids with special needs. Kids Choice Dental in Denver offers the best preventative dental care for your special needs child. Below, we'll offer some tips to help you with your special needs child at the dentist office. Schedule your dental appointment today!

Look for an Understanding Dentist

You want a dentist who supports children with special needs and understands that each child is unique and may act differently every time they visit the dentist. Finding a caring and compassionate dentist who will work with your child to ensure their best oral health is paramount to your child's dental care.

child at dentist
dentist office with chair

Visit the Dental Office Before Your Child's Appointment

It can be super helpful to have your child visit the dentist office before their actual appointment. This will give your special needs child a chance to meet the dentist and staff, see the dental treatment rooms, and see the dental equipment, too. It can be super beneficial to have your child attend your dental appointment.

Emphasize the Importance of Great Oral Health Care

By emphasizing the importance of great oral health care and how the dentist fits into that goal, you can help your special needs child understand the need for a dental appointment. Model great oral health at home by brushing your teeth and flossing, and having your child do so, too.

dental hygienist and young child
dentist showing model of mouth to child

Support, Encourage, and Reward Your Child

Admittedly, the dental office can be a scary experience, even for adults. It's important to support, encourage, and reward your child during and after their dental treatment. Speak positively about the dentist and the help they will bring to your child's life.


Kids Choice Dental is passionate about helping Denver-area children have the best oral health, including special needs children. Our team will work with you in order to make your child's dental experience the best possible. Get in touch today!

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