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4 Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

The procedure for dental x-rays has changed drastically over the years. While traditional film was used for a majority of x-rays in the past, digital x-ray use has expanded.

Digital x-rays do not just provide a new capture technology. For patients, there are multiple advantages. Learn about the benefits and why you should be grateful that digital x-ray technology is so widespread in dentistry.

1. Less Radiation Exposure

Whenever someone gets x-rays, the radiation exposure may become worrisome, especially when you have to put on a lead vest for added protection. One of the main benefits associated with digital dental x-rays is less radiation exposure.

The digital technology has the ability to capture the x-ray without the need for as much power as film. While dental x-rays feature very minimal radiation exposure, your body can only benefit from less exposure. Some studies have shown that there is up to an 80% reduction in radiation exposure, but the actual amount depends on how many xrays your mouth needs.

Extended exposure to x-ray radiation could lead to potential DNA mutation over long periods of time, so any reduction in the radiation ultimately benefits you as a dental patient.

2. Instant Tooth Examination

No one wants to spend any extra time in the dental chair than needed, so the ability to have digital xrays will ultimately help reduce your appointment time. Traditional x-rays take a few minutes to develop and process.

Digital dental x-rays become available instantly and a dentist has the ability to load them up on any computer within the office. Through digital access, a dentist will not only see the x-rays but have the ability to zoom in and examine specific areas.

Dentists will point out problems quickly and help get you through the appointment with ease.

3. Environmentally Friendly Solutions

The elimination of x-ray film processing also helps reduce your carbon footprint when you visit the dentist. In today’s environmentally-conscious society, you may frequently look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

A film x-ray requires the use of chemicals and film. With a digital x-ray, the carbon footprint gets drastically reduced. Along with the reduction of chemicals and physical film, the x-ray process itself often goes faster and requires less power to complete.

These little differences may not seem like much, but they add up quickly to help your dentist’s office be more green.

4. Faster Dental Referrals

In some cases, the dental x-rays you take may indicate that another service or procedure needs to be performed for your teeth. In that event, a dentist may refer you to a specialist. When you go to the specialist, you will not need to bring a physical disc of the x-rays or have physical copies the way you once would have with traditional x-rays. You also do not need to get additional x-rays from the specialist.

The moment your referral gets made, the dentist will email the digital files directly to the other doctor. The new doctor will have instant access to look over your x-rays and work on your file before you even show up for the appointment. This instant access helps prevent delays and creates a reliable chain of communication.

Your dentist may have previous x-rays sent over for comparison as well. The digital files create a visual history of your mouth and will help doctors compare and analyze any changes quickly and easily.

Digital x-rays provide a number of benefits beyond modern technology and thankfully are now a part of many people’s regular dental routines.

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