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5 Reasons to Leave a Loose Baby Tooth Alone

Losing teeth is a natural and sometimes exciting part of childhood, and parents can guide their children through this natural process in a number of ways. Children love the idea of the tooth fairy, for instance. But just because a baby tooth is loose, that doesn’t mean you need to help it on its way. Sometimes, intervening when a tooth is loose can have a detrimental effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Braces for Children

Children who need braces certainly can’t count themselves alone. An estimated 45 percent of children require braces to combat dental problems that impair their bite, speech, or other necessary functions. An additional 30 percent of kids may also benefit from braces purely for cosmetic reasons.

If you suspect that your child may need braces sooner or later, you should learn what you can about these orthodontic devices ahead of time. Check out these answers to some frequently asked questions about braces for children.

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Dental Sedation for Kids: What Parents Should Know

Children require many of the same dental procedures as adults, from routine examinations and cleanings to fillings and oral surgery. Many pediatric dentists administer some degree of sedation, which can greatly facilitate the procedure while giving young patients an easier, less stressful dental experience.

You may feel understandably apprehensive about your kids receiving dental sedation, even if you commonly receive sedation during your own dental appointments. The more you understand about pediatric dental sedation, the more easily you can approach the subject calmly and positively. Here are some key facts to consider if your child needs some degree of sedation during dentistry.

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5 Ways to Help Kids Change Unhealthy Dental Habits

Positive, healthy dental care habits are the foundation of optimal oral health. Unfortunately, children often develop habits that may ultimately harm their teeth and gums. Whatever reasons your kids have for developing their unhealthy dental habits, focus on helping them make better choices. Consider these simple ways to help kids change bad habits to good ones.

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Avoid These Kids Drinks if You Want Your Kids to Have Strong Teeth

Children’s dental health is a big commitment of ours, and one of the biggest ways to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy is to check what they’re putting in their mouths. Over the course of a day a child will eat all kinds of things, but just as important are the things that they drink. We’ll look at some of the drinks that you will want to avoid if you want your children to grow up with strong, healthy teeth.

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