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4 Signs of Teething

Teething can be a trying time for parents, as well as their baby. When your baby’s teeth erupt, it can be painful for some. However, as a parent, you may not know your baby is teething. Kids Choice Dental is a pediatric dentist located in Denver. Below, we’ll go over four signs of teething to be on the lookout for. Schedule your child’s dentist appointment with us today!


While babies can drool, excess drooling is usually a sign of teething. While some babies can begin teething before four months of age, others are much later, even after 12 months of age.





Irritable or Excess Crying

Since babies can’t tell you what is wrong, they cry instead. As a parent, it can be hard to decipher what your baby needs. If you’ve noticed an increase in crying or irritability, it could be teething. Soothing your baby will help.





Swollen or Red Gums

Swollen or excessively red gums are caused by the teeth that are trying to push through the gums. This can make eating and/or drinking their milk uncomfortable or even painful at times. There are many teething toys that are cool that can help your baby feel better.




Rubbing Their Cheeks or Pulling Their Ears

When your child’s teeth are erupting, the pain can move to the cheek and ear, especially when the back teeth, or molars, are erupting. This can lead infants to rub those areas in an effort to soothe them.






Kids Choice Dental offers four convenient locations in the Denver area for your child, including Lakewood, Aurora, Downtown Denver, and Wheat Ridge. Our top-rated dentists offer compassionate care for your baby. It is recommended that your baby begin seeing a dentist periodically for checkups once your baby’s teeth have started to come in. Schedule an appointment today!

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