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A young girl holding a model of braces

Signs Your Child May Need Braces

Teeth are miraculous parts of the body, and they do their job of beginning the digestive process exceedingly well. However, for many, their teeth just don’t come in correctly. Kids Choice Dental offers the best in pediatric dentistry in the Denver area, including orthodontic care. Below, we’ll go over some signs that your child may need braces. Get in touch with our team today!

A crowded mouth of a child

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are teeth that are overlapping in some way or are just too close together that flossing is difficult. Teeth that are too close together don’t give your child space for their larger adult teeth to come in. Issues with improper jaw and teeth alignment can occur.




A young boy smiling

Misalignment of the Jaw

It’s crucial that your child has proper jaw alignment as their teeth come in. Improper jaw alignment can cause issues down the road such as difficulty chewing, tongue biting, and the development of a Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder down the road.




A young child in speech therapy

Speech Problems

Your teeth play a vital role in your speech, allowing you to correctly form and enunciate words so that you can easily be understood. They help control the airflow out of your mouth, making sounds distinct. If your child has speech problems, it could be related to improperly aligned teeth.




A young child looking out a window

Breathing From the Mouth

Humans naturally breathe predominantly from the nose with the mouth being the backup organ, such as when you have a cold. Thus, if your child is predominantly breathing from the mouth, it may be because of improper jaw alignment, protruding teeth, or other dental issues.




Signs your child may need braces infographic


Having aligned teeth is something that modern society values, so many children have braces to correct teeth aesthetics or conditions. Treatment can begin early, such as when your child is seven, which is when their permanent teeth begin to erupt. Schedule your pediatric orthodontic appointment at one of our Denver locations today!

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