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What Kids Should Know About Protecting Tooth Enamel

Children need to learn how to protect the enamel on their teeth. Although young children may lose their baby teeth over time, the habits they form as young children are likely to continue as they grow up. Kids can easily develop a good habit now than learn how to break a bad one later. As your kids’ permanent teeth grow in, your kids should learn to care for them, too.

As a parent, you can have a lasting effect on how well children treat their teeth enamel and their overall dental health. Make sure your kids know about these important parts of protecting their tooth enamel. When children take care of their oral health, they set themselves up for healthy teeth and gums once they grow up.

Healthy Daily Habits Can Best Protect Tooth Enamel

Sometimes, children may rebel against dental care activities that may seem tedious or pointless. Teach kids about good oral hygiene and how brushing, flossing, and swishing with mouthwash can protect their dental enamel and overall dental health. When children might complain about brushing for an entire two minutes, remind them how this is an essential part of protecting their teeth.

Sometimes, kids can get excited when they brush their teeth and think that brushing their teeth vigorously is always better. However, that’s not usually the case. If children get too aggressive when they brush their teeth, they can damage their teeth’ enamel. Explain this to kids and remind them if you spot them brushing their teeth too roughly.

Some Foods Are More Teeth-Friendly Than Others

What your children consume can have a huge impact on their dental health. Teach your kids that the food and drinks they consume can determine whether their tooth enamel gets damaged. If they have a sweet tooth, explain that sugary foods and drinks need to be limited to prevent tooth enamel damage.

Encourage kids to eat enamel-friendly foods. Some of the best foods for your teeth include:

  • Carrots
  • Nuts
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Whole Grains
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet Potatoes

Take the time to teach your children about which foods are best for their teeth. Serving children healthy portions of the recommended foods can help them stay on track with their oral health.

Drinking Water Can Help Fight Enamel Erosion

Encourage children to drink lots of water instead of sweet beverages. Explain that drinking water helps protect the enamel on their teeth in multiple ways. Water can dilute acids on your kids’ teeth, which can prevent enamel erosion. Also, if you serve your kids water with fluoride, that can help prevent tooth enamel damage.

Straws Are a Smart Option With Juice

Although juice is not the best thing for teeth, it does offer multiple health benefits to growing children. Allow your children to drink the juice. However, teach them how to drink it in a way that’s safer for teeth. Encourage children always to use a straw when drinking juice or on rare occasions when they need to drink soda or other sugary drinks.

Rinsing After Meals Is A Good Protective Measure

Talk to your children about the importance of rinsing with water after each meal. Get them in the habit of rinsing with water after meals to get rid of tooth debris and protect enamel. Simply swishing with water for 30 seconds and then spitting out the water can help eliminate some of the debris. That’s still not a substitute for swishing with mouthwash once per day, though.

Finally, initiate a conversation about teeth enamel and oral health with your kids often. Always be willing to listen to their opinions but reiterate the facts when it comes to dental care. If your children are ready for a cleaning or check-up, reach out to Kids Choice Dental/All About Kids Dental today. We’re here to empower your kids to have healthy teeth and gums now and as they grow up.

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